Birdex — for most important information
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What can I send through the service?
  • Personal information ID, Insurance data, Driver Licence etc.
  • Financial information Debit and cridet card numbers, financial statements, financial covenants, contracts.
  • Other kinds of secret information Clients base, banking secrecy, medical secrecy, lawyer's secrecy.
When I need the service?
  • valuable information
    When valuable information loss exceeds the price of getting information to a third parties
  • secure connection
    When the situation requires quick and secure connection
  • confidential information
    When you are with your partner, customer, or employee exchange with confidential information
Who needs the service?
  • Business owners
  • The security personnel of enterprises
  • Managers
  • The law enforcement officers
  • Detectives
  • Individuals wishing to protect their own information
  • Open source service

    Allows you to check its reliability.

    The vendor of the service does not have access to your information.

  • Server hosting

    Information stored on the server, but not on the device.

    Information are stored on the serve and transmitted in encrypted form only.

  • Asymmetric encryption

    Allows you not to share a password with the encrypted message, because the keys for decryption are available only for message recipients.

  • Private

    No one except your nominated recipient can receive and decrypt message.